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What Planet Are You From? Your Personal Archetype

February 21, 2012

What Planet Are You From?

            Nature has been personified in stories and poems for hundreds and hundreds of years.  The wind is said to be playful and malicious.  The sea is said to be angry and compassionate.  This personification even continues clear to the planets which are ascribed with powerful archetypal energies.  With all of this comparison, it kind of makes you wonder, is nature acting like a human being or are human beings acting like nature?

In Western Astrology, people are described in terms of patterns of action seen throughout nature.  Every astrological sign has a ruling planet, and every planet is said to have a particular set of qualities.  Each astrological sign points to a set of behavioral tendencies which are supposed to be expressed by each individual falling under that sign.  The basis of the ideas of astrology is the observation that there are tendencies in nature and that these tendencies repeat in cycles.  So for example, in observing the seasons, Spring has a particular way about it.  If you could break Spring down further, you would see that each of its months has a particular quality, unique but still indicative of the whole of Spring.  As applied to humans, astrology holds that humans reflect the tendencies of the planets that were most prominent at their time of birth.  Also foundational to the theories of astrology is the belief that everything has a connection and influence on everything else, the bigger the thing, the bigger the influence.  Planets are huge and are supposed to have an immense affect on our behavior according to astrology.  The bottom line here is, as the planets behave, so do we.  We are all part of an organized living system.  But what really is the cause, and what is the effect?  Again, are we the planets or are the planets us?

Both are true.  One is the other.  The qualities that we are observing are qualities of the Universe of which we, the planets, stars and everything else are a part.  We observe our tendencies of behavior in the planets because all things manifest are controlled and created by the same basic energies.  The Indian and Chinese sages say that we are all just unique combinations of the five elements and that these elements represent the five basic behaviors of nature.  Western Astrologers see twelve basic patterns of action.  Others in new age mysticism see seven.

The source for which the idea of synchronicity is derived is exactly the same as astrology.  There are unseen connections in everything and everything is in relationship.  I read a quote today that said, “I’m not that complicated, I’m just misunderstood.”  This reminded me of how the experience of synchronicity can be at the same time confusing and simple.  If we see the world as a tangled mess of chaos, it is easy to want to construe some highly complicated theory to explain how synchronicities occur or you may even try to just dismiss the idea entirely.  If however, you see the Universe as perfectly ordered and totally whole, then it seems obvious that seemingly unrelated things come together at just the right time in just the right way.  What seems complicated is just misunderstood.

We are all the planets.  We are all the seasons.  We are all the stars.  The question is, which one are you?  Which planet do you come from?  What tendencies of nature do you seem to most commonly express?  We all have them.  There are quiet, reserved and contemplative people, like winter.  There are loving, beautiful, artistic people, like Venus.  These are the qualities of nature and we and everything we see are the expressions of nature.  By understanding these qualities, we understand ourselves.  And just as everything in nature has a purpose, so too do we come to understand our own.

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